Buy West Eat Best

The distinctive green bite mark logo of Buy West Eat Best enables Western Australian shoppers to clearly identify food and beverage products which have been grown, farmed, fished and processed right here in WA.

West Australian businesses that display the Buy West Eat Best logo must meet stringent criteria for local content and quality. Logo administration and compliance are carried out by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development in Western Australia.

For almost a decade, Wescobee has been proud to support, and participate in, this wonderful initiative, that encourages consumer support of Western Australian produced goods. We only pack 100% pure Western Australian honey, that has been proudly supplied by local beekeepers, into our popular products.

Explore our range of Western Australian honey 

Jarrah Honey

Wescobee Jarrah Honey contains 100% pure honey with no additives – just as the bees make it. We trust you will enjoy the rich, full-bodied flavour of this delicious world-class table honey.

JARRAH (Eucalyptus Marginata) is a native tree unique to Western Australia. It grows in the beautiful, native forests stretching from Perth to the rich South Western region. You can learn more on our blog too. 

Exclusive to WA only.



Marri Honey

Wescobee Marri Honey contains 100% pure Western Australian honey with no additives – just as the bees make it. This rich eucalypt honey has a bold flavour and a strong caramel aftertaste, perfect for drizzling on muesli and bread or used in baking.

MARRI (Eucalyptus Calophylla) is a distinctive bloodwood tree native to Western Australia, commonly referred to as Red Gum. You can learn more on our blog too. 

Exclusive to WA only.

Creamed Honey

Wescobee Creamed honey has a cult following and awards to match! Also commonly referred to as ‘whipped’ or ‘soft-set’ honey, Wescobee creamed honey is a fine-grained, spreadable product made with 100% pure Western Australian honey. We cream our honey through the process of whipping it up then allowing it to set in a cold room, resulting in a luxuriously thick consistency. Our Creamed honey is perfect a perfect match for hot buttery toast or crumpets! 

Organic Honey

Wescobee’s Award Winning Organic organic honey guarantees you that the entire process including the source of the nectar, forage area and management of the bees, extraction, processing and packaging complies with ACO’s Standards. This honey is sourced from independently Certified Organic apiary sites, located in the pollution free heathland and forest regions of Western Australia. ‘Organic’ is a term used to indicate that a product is produced in a way that cares for both the bees and the environment.

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