Our Quality

Nestled deep in pristine forest reserves of Australia is where our beekeepers love to place their hives.

Just like Wescobee supplier, David, shown here checking his precious honey bee hives as they gather honey from pristine forests of the South West. It’s pure, wild honey like this that makes every jar of Wescobee so special.

It’s our mission to ensure when bottling this high quality honey that we handle it with the same level of care as our skilled beekeepers. The end result is a high quality, delicious, safe and proudly 100% Australian honey for everyone to enjoy. 

Wescobee Honey’s production facility is found in Bayswater, Western Australia. We continue to embrace industry leading practices in honey packing, hygiene, waste management, warehousing and distribution functions. Our current certifications include:

Further evidence of Wescobee’s commitment to product excellence can be found through its use of SciTest, a state of the art laboratory in Richlands, QLD, which is the only one of its kind in Australasia.

Working with Government, regulatory bodies and commercial laboratories, SciTest ensures accuracy and maintains best practice compliance for our analytical methods in testing honey for microbial and chemical residues, enabling Wescobee to provide unparalleled quality assurances to our customers.

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