Frequently Asked Questions

Honey is the nectarous and saccharine exudations of plants (Honey Flora) gathered, modified and stored by the honey bee. Honey sold can be either of a single source or of a blend of floral honeys to give a required colour and flavour. The honey shall be clean, practically free from foreign matter including wax, comb and bee parts. The pure honey should be free of additives, noxious substances , fermentation and admixtures of any kind including sucrose and invert sugars.

Wescobee honey is 100% Australian honey that we proudly source from skilled Australian beekeeping families. 

Australia yields some of the most unique honey in the world. Wescobee receives honey from a number of beekeeping families across the nation. The majority of honey we receive in has been produced off wildflowers, Marri, White gum, Banksia, Jarrah, Manuka, Karri, Banksia and heathland.  

Wescobee organic products contain Certified Organic honey supplied by Western Australian beekeepers who have met strict Certified Organic criteria through ACO Certification Ltd. You can learn more about Certified Organic Beekeeping here.

Wescobee Jarrah is a unique honey that we source from beekeepers whose bees have foraged Western Australia’s native Eucalyptus Marginata trees. Jarrah honey is only sourced from reputable Western Australian beekeepers who have been independently audited for Jarrah authenticity and tracability. Wescobee Jarrah proudly displays the Certified Jarrah logo.


No. When stored correctly, in an airtight container away from moisture, Wescobee honey will last indefinitely.

No. Wescobee honey is not pasteurised or heat treated.

It is recommended to avoid giving honey to infants under the age of 12 months due to a very small risk of Botulism. Although we know of no instances where our honey has caused Infant Botulism, we suggest a precautionary approach and only feed honey to infants over 12 months.

No. Wescobee honey is 100% pure Australian honey supplied by Australian beekeeping families. Wescobee premium products contain only 100% pure and natural honey that is free from added sugars, syrups or extenders, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavours and colours.

Wescobee is able to guarantee that its premium honey products are 100% pure and natural. Wescobee Honey contains: No Additives, No Preservatives, No Added Sugars, Syrups or Extenders, No Artificial Flavourings and No Artificial Colourings. Over time, many types of honey will granulate or crystallise. Crystallisation is a natural process that occurs with most honeys making the honey look cloudy. Read all about crystallised honey and what to do about it here

No. Wescobee honey is 100% pure Australian honey.

Yes. Wescobee honey is certified Halal.

Globally, the European Honey bee is under threat. However, here in Australia our bees are some of the healthiest on the planet as they are free from diseases and pests that have decimated colonies worldwide.

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