Jarrah Honey Certification Launches

In a bid to protect one of our most iconic ‘active’ honeys, the Western Australian honey industry has joined together to launch the Certified Jarrah logo

This wonderful initiative ensures when you pick up a product labelled as ‘Jarrah honey’, you can be sure you’re about to enjoy authentic Jarrah simply by looking for the logo. Any product that bears the logo indicates that the Jarrah honey has been sourced only from reputable Western Australian beekeepers who have been independently audited for Jarrah authenticity and traceability, and then tested and packed in accordance with the certification criteria. 

We independently verify every batch of our Jarrah honey using Australia’s leading honey testing laboratories to ensure activity and quality. Our processes are also audited to ensure compliance with the certification criteria. Therefore, Wescobee Jarrah has proudly been awarded the Jarrah honey seal of authenticity to give you piece of mind you’re getting fair dinkum Jarrah! 

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