Celebrating 95 years of Wescobee Honey

Wescobee is recognised as one of Australia’s oldest and most-loved honey brands,
with many local family-run beekeeping businesses supplying their honey to us. It’s
the families, along with our beautiful location that sets our honey apart.

So what sets Wescobee Honey apart?

Over 95 years ago, a group of Western Australian beekeepers came together to sell their
honey collaboratively, creating Wescobee, a contraction of the words West Australian
Co-operative Beekeepers.

We’ve come a long way since the company’s humble beginnings in 1927, with our honey
being well-known in over fourteen countries around the world.

As we reach this milestone, we feel proud to be producing pure, natural 100%
Australian honey, and are confident this is why our loyal customers continue to
choose Wescobee honey, all these years on.

Why choose Wescobee?

For a long time the world market believed that only light coloured honey was best. Now,
research shows that darker honeys contain a greater degree of minerals and trace elements
essential for modern man and health.

The majority of honey packed by Wescobee has been produced from the nectar of
wildflowers from the coastal plain and Jarrah Forest honey which includes Jarrah, Marri
and Karri trees. These trees are ideal for producing a 100% pure and natural honey, and glow plentiful in our
rugged Australian climate due to the long sunny days and a crystal clear atmosphere aided
by the strong cleansing Antarctic winds.

With 95 years of experience, we know what we’re doing when it comes to honey.

The Wescobee range boasts multiple awards, including the 2020 Champion honey at
the Perth Royal Show for its Wescobee Creamed Honey.

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